Every TBE user has a Mobile-Ready Career Website
available in their existing system.

However, it can only be enabled with the proper setup and configuration
of your Taleo Business Edition.

Mobile TBE At a Glance

One of the best investments you can make in your Taleo system.

You Already Have Mobile TBE!

The Mobile TBE feature was released as a feature in your existing TBE system in July 2015. Even though this is the highest ROI of any release in 5 years, 99% of our clients have yet to configure it.

Checking a Box Does Not Make It Work

Mobile TBE is not activated until properly configured! Checking the "Post this requisition on Mobile Enabled Careers Website" checkbox inside of Taleo will do nothing without the proper configuration.
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Designed To Display Properly On Mobile Phones And Tablets

With Mobile TBE your job search, job descriptions and online job application automatically resize to fit the small screen of a mobile device, dramatically increasing the number of applicants who complete your online job application, and improving candidate experience.
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Fast Results

RecruitingDash will have your Taleo system mobile enabled and configured correctly in 10 days.

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Mobile TBE And The Two-Step Application

The best practice is to combine mobile career website with the Two-Step Application feature, also available in TBE. Doing so will maximize the number of applicants you receive on every open requisition.

Improve Quality Of Hire

Top talent and passive candidates will not take the time to complete an arduous online application, especially from the small screen of a mobile device.

Be Strategic

Demonstrate thought leadership and an effective recruiting strategy to keep your organization competitive.

Improve Your Employment Brand

Generally the most visited section on a corporate website is the career section. A contemporary style, mobile-friendly career website provides the image that you need to be competitive in the war for talent.

Want to see the new Mobile TBE in action?

Check out our live site which shows you how Mobile TBE is like a "talent app" for your candidates.

Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid with Your TBE Mobile Career Website

Effective mobile recruiting requires a carefully crafted modern candidate experience.

  1. Asking too many questions on the mobile application.
  2. Not configuring the Taleo Two-Step Application along with Mobile TBE.
  3. Not using Taleo Rolling Entities for job history, education history, and similar candidate data.
  4. Only focusing on the mobile candidate experience, and not considering the non-mobile Career Website candidates.
  5. Improper use of Taleo requisition-based candidate pre-screening questions.
  6. Poor quality candidate job search and job search results design.
  7. Not customizing the mobile career website with dynamic fields to further improve the candidate experience.
  8. Failing to deploy custom fields from the traditional Taleo Career Website to the mobile Career Website (this is a little tricky, but can be done).
  9. Failing to set up TBE candidate list views so recruiters can tell which candidates applied via the mobile career website.
  10. Poor question / field design: asking candidates to complete "nice to know" fields instead of only those fields that are foundationally required to assess whether the candidate should be considered further.
  11. (Bonus!) Failing to setup an internal-only mobile career website. Existing employees also use smartphones and tablets to search and apply for jobs!