• Is Your TBE Career Website
    It's time for Taleo Career Website 2.0!
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  • Is Your TBE Career Website
    It's time for Taleo Career Website 2.0!
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Let us Mobilize your Taleo career website today! We'll show you how you can have a fully enabled mobile career website in less than a week. It all starts with our complimentary Mobile Readiness Assessment.

A mobile enabled TBE career website will reach 50% more candidates. reduce cost of hire & time to fill. improve recruiter productivity. engage passive job seekers.

Over 50% of job seekers visit your career website from the small screen of a mobile device.

If your career website is not mobile-friendly,
you are losing HALF of the available talent.


You must make it easy for candidates to find your jobs from the small screen of a mobile device.


You must provide mobile applicants with a fast, streamlined, and easy way to apply to your jobs. Remember, people don't have their resume on their smart phone.


Implementing Mobile TBE increases the applicant flow on every single open requisition, usually by 25%-50%.


64% of recruiters cite their company career website as significant source of hires.

Benefits of configuring Mobile TBE

One of the best investments you can make in your Taleo system.

Double Your Applicant Pool

Provide a streamlined application for the 50% of job seekers who use a smartphone or tablet to visit your career website.

Modern Candidate Experience

Make it easier for millennials and other job seekers not on traditional computers to discover and apply for your positions.

Mobile TBE + 2-Step Application =
Best Practice

Most TBE users aren't taking advantage of Taleo's powerful 2-Step Application technology. Combining Mobile TBE with the Taleo 2-Step Application is the best practice setup of Taleo Business Edition, regardless of industry or the type of talent your organization recruits.

Phone Image

Streamlined Application On Any Device

Responsive technology allows candidates to browse and apply for jobs on the small screens of phones and tablets from anywhere.

Engage Passive Job Seekers with "Email a Job" Functionality

Easily engage "on the go" passive candidates by allowing them to email a job to themselves or their friends, so they may apply later.

High Return on Investment

There's virtually no other feature in Taleo that provides a return on investment comparable to that of Mobile TBE.

You must capture the 50% of candidates who now search and apply for jobs from a mobile device.

Mobile TBE is like a "talent app" for your candidates to search, view and apply to your open requisitions

Beautiful and Easy-To-Use on All Devices

Actual mobile TBE screenshots: Beautiful. Streamlined. Functional. Fully branded.

Mobile TBE provides an "app-like" experience for mobile candidates.
Every page auto sizes to the right format for smartphones and tablets.
Mobile-Friendly Navigation makes it easy for candidates to browse through positions.
Job descriptions automatically formatted to look great on ANY device.
Branded with your logo on all mobile website pages.
"App-like" experience including mobile friendly fields and navigation.
Work and Education History auto-populate from LinkedIn or resume import.
Application Progress saved at each step which greatly improves candidate experience.
Candidates can review their data before final submission.

No pinching, zooming or scrolling allows candidates to quickly and easily engage.
Fast & easy job searching and sorting = more completed mobile applications.
Customizable data fields shows the right information at the right time.
Multiple Apply Now buttons provide an efficient funnel to maximize candidates.
Email Job Feature allows mobile users to send job for later application.
Progress bar maintains engagement level of mobile applicants.
Integrated "Apply Via LinkedIn" feature delivers more applicants.
Mobile Friendly Rolling Entities allow flexibility for candidate work and education details.
Makes it easy to provide a streamlined version of your application for mobile visitors.
E-Signature technology maintains compliance even for mobile candidates.

Update your Taleo Career Website to be mobile ready.

10 days from now you could be generating 25-50% more candidates!

Sounds Complicated... How Do I Get Started?

Want to substantially increase the effectiveness of your TBE Career Website? It's not hard, read on...

The First Step Is Easy. And Free!

Sign up now for our complimentary Mobile Readiness Assessment. We will provide you with a comprehensive list of best practice recommendations to supercharge your Taleo Career Website including how best to configure Mobile TBE for your organization. (Did we mention that this assessment is free of charge?)

We'll Help You Make The Case

As part of the free Mobile Readiness Assessment, we provide a data-driven, tailored business case for improving and mobile optimizing your Taleo Career Website. The business case will drive meaningful conversations with your HR and corporate leadership team regarding career website best practices and how your organization will reduce cost per hire and time to fill with Mobile TBE.

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What is a Complimentary Mobile Readiness Assessment?

We will assess your existing TBE Career website, evaluating your mobile readiness and then provide you with a customized, no-strings attached report card, complete with annotations of your existing career site. This complimentary assessment will show you how to configure your existing Taleo career website to take advantage of mobile TBE and generate more applicants for all of your open requisitions.

Is this truly free? What's the catch?

There is no catch. We promise. We do hope to amaze you with our Taleo Business Edition and Career Website expertise, but there is no obligation.

We know you are busy and don't have a lot of time...

Relax. RecruitingDash does all the work, and then we present the results to you.
  • Once you complete the form to the left, we'll immediately schedule an hour meeting with you 7-10 days from now where we will present the final Mobile Readiness Assessment Report Card to you.
  • Then one of our TBE Consultants will do the comprehensive Mobile Readiness Assessment. The assessment is like getting free consulting: it takes 4-5 hours for our team to prepare, and includes annotated screen shots of your existing Taleo career website, completely marked up to show you all the best practices you should adopt.
  • We will then share and explain all of our findings and recommendations, including a customized business case for implementing Mobile TBE and a comprehensive detailed report to share with your team.